Alessio Gernone, class ‘96, made in Bari, Italy.
Professional photographer working with the most precious things I love: peoplecinemafood and dogs.

I love creating empathy with people, and this brought me to choose portrait photography as my main work target, which gives me the possibility to share with everybody my own point of you about the subject I shoot with.

I’m also a big fan of cinema and everything that stands behind this big machine and I try to tell these stories through backstage photography on films, spots and documentaries.

I have a beautiful dog named Newton (for Helmut, not Isaac) who gave me the idea to create a long term project called Dogtraits, which tries to catch our friends' funniest expressions while they’re catching treats!

But most of all I love photography itself, I love to share the energy around me through my eyes.
It doesn’t matter if I do it with a camera or a smartphone, the important is never stop doing it.


I’m always been fascinated by light modeling so in 2018 I decided to ran my own studio here in Bari and in 2021 I wanted to make things bigger thanks to the strong collaborations of four different figures: Liminal SpaceAndrea MallardiLuigi Gernone and Marco Ranieri, everyone specialized in a different photography or cinematography genre.

The studio is a 100m² space equally divided in post-production zone and shooting zone located in 
Via Casamassima 96/A, 70010, Capurso (BA) and you can rent it for your own shooting using it daylight or showing your skills with flashes and continuous lights.

We made it up together to keep the studio always updated with photo and video gear so you can find a lot of different kind of things here like Led RGB Tubes, Led panels, BlackMagic gear and Cinema gear and is all available for rent in and outside the studio to help you realize your special ideas, it doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial photoshoot or a short film, you can count on us!
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